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"Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you."

- Dane Rudhyar

Experience a unique coaching model that blends together Astrology with Psychology to support you on your journey of self-discovery

Claire is an Astrologer & Personal Development Coach who loves supporting women in their journeys of self-discovery. She has a BA in Psychology from Pomona College and a Masters in Social Work from UC Berkeley, and recently graduated from Debra Silverman's Applied Astrology program. Claire interweaves this study of Astrology with her knowledge of human behavior in a unique, integrated approach to personal development coaching. 

Claire has supported over 100 clients to improve their mental health and habits in her work as a therapist. She brings a supportive & empathetic listening ear and problem-solving skills, as well as expertise in using evidence-based methods for encouraging behavior change. While she won't be your therapist in this role, she will be your collaborator, cheerleader, accountability partner, and astrological guide. 

Meet Claire

Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Moon, Pisces Rising

IMG_04882C14493C-1 - Diana Ventimiglia_e
"I couldn't believe how aligned I felt after my sessions. Learning about my chart in this way helped me understand some of the decisions I've made, and understand why & how I've felt stagnant in the first place. The only way I can describe it is like the last piece of a puzzle was suddenly in place. I felt clear & empowered. It was amazing!"

~ Diana V.

Astrology offers us insights on all of this!


It illuminates our own personal roadmaps and it shows us what we've come here to do. Astrology can help us understand why sometimes we struggle or get stuck, and why we often tend to get in our own way. As you start to peel back the layers and give yourself permission to be who you uniquely are, from there we will begin to identify your divinely given gifts and challenges — all intended to help you grow into your most radiant expression.

I believe that all of us can take actions, no matter how small, that move us in the direction of the lives we wish to lead. But often times, before we're ready to take these steps, we first have to cultivate self-acceptance — especially for those parts of ourselves that feel afraid to take the leap into something new.




Do any of the following statements resonate with you?

I've been curious about Astrology and wonder what it all means for me on a personal level


I feel like I've been living life on someone else's terms


I have the sense that I'm running out of time or that I'm "behind" or "off track"


I feel like there are parts of myself I wish I could change or erase


I'm contemplating a big change but feel completely stuck and unsure of how to move forward

If your answer was YES to any of the above, you might be a great fit for...





Experience self-discovery & integration through the lens of Astrology in 90 days

How does it work?

Our work together will start with an in-depth birth chart reading, and you'll find out how Astrology plays a role in your past, present & future. Through this transformative process, you will:


peel back the layers and find true self-acceptance, making peace with your inner critic


develop an appreciation for what makes you uniquely YOU


learn to harness your own inner wisdom and use it as a compass


feel more aligned with your soul's purpose


take mindful & intentional actions and shift your habits, acting in alignment with your values


discover the ways that you are actually RIGHT ON TIME


walk away with actionable steps after each session

What's included?

12 1:1 sessions on Zoom (once a week for 3 months)


A recording of the first session:

an in-depth birth chart reading


Your very own personalized Astrological Weather Report covering the 90-day period during which we'll be meeting


Communication between sessions for accountability & integration via Voxer


Tangible action steps after each session


Worksheets and additional resources, tailored to each individual's needs & goals

Total investment = $2200

(payment plans available upon request)

Are you ready to start your journey towards self-acceptance and a values-driven life?

Here's a longer version of my story...

As a twin, I've always been drawn to the idea of nature versus nurture. I've often wondered, what's the explanation for the ways my brother and I (only born 1 minute apart) are similar and the ways we're different? Growing up alongside someone else who mirrors me in some ways but opposes me in others made me curious about how we all develop and evolve, as a unique combination of our innate characteristics and the influence of life experiences.


I chose to deepen my understanding of human behavior & development through studying Psychology at Pomona College and got to delve deeper into these questions about the parts of ourselves that are determined at birth versus those that are molded by our external environments. My senior thesis involved some of these themes with a philosophical twist, as I investigated the ways that our beliefs about destiny and free-will can influence our assumptions about the observed behaviors of others in the world around us.

Astrology entered the scene in 2019, when I heard the incredible Jessica Lanyadoo as a guest on a podcast. She explained Astrology in a way I'd never heard before less as a "belief system" and more as a tool for understanding the rhythms of our personal lives and those of the collective. I was captivated! Prior to this experience, I'd only ever read my horoscope and knew that my "sign" was Sagittarius. I could never fully relate to these descriptions or stereotypes, and after learning that Astrology was much more complex and involved many more layers than what could be read in a newspaper or magazine, I knew I had to dive in.

As I deepened my study of Astrology, I began to wonder... how does Astrology fit into my understanding of human Psychology? At this point, I'd completed my Masters in Social Work at UC Berkeley and had begun working as a therapist. The more I learned about Astrology, the more I was intrigued and wondered how it all played a role in the patterns I was noticing in my clients.

After several years of self-study, I decided it was time to learn Astrology in a more structured way, and in January 2023, I graduated from Debra Silverman's Applied Astrology program. From there, I knew I wanted to use Astrology to support others in their own personal transformation, and I felt called to dig deeper with clients beyond what's possible in a single birth chart reading. And that's how The Sky Speaks to You was born!

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